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Saturation Diving for Oil & Gas-Offshore
Saturation diving is the term used to ensure that divers can effectively dive to great depths to carry out exploration and repairs across the offshore industry. By avoiding the effects of decompression sickness, commonly known as “the bends”, divers are able to complete deeper and longer dives which otherwise would not be possible. In dedicated quads, known as packs, in sizes ranging from 16 to 64 cylinders, Swiss Air Products supplies gases such as helium, oxygen or pre-blended mixtures of two or three component gases to suit your requirements. As a global supplier of helium, Swiss Air Products continues to invest in new helium resources and has recently invested in new diving assets and production. Our global approach continues to offer a high level service which is consistent across the world providing 300 bar quads of gases and mixtures.
Saturation Diving for Oil & Gas-Offshore

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